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Health care sector has become one of the largest employment generation sectors in India and abroad. Rapidly changing and expanding horizon of the health care sector demands formal training programs in all its allied areas. Advanced complex instrumentation & equipment require technologists not only to operate but also to care & maintain these instruments, equipment's and patient care. These technologists should possess a strong scientific foundation to be able to perform these tasks at a much higher level than the traditionally trained technicians of the past used to perform. Hence the new Faculty of Allied and Healthcare Professions is being introduced under Yenepoya (deemed to be) University. Comprising of Yenepoya Physiotherapy College and Yenepoya School of Allied Health Sciences (YSAHS).


Yenepoya School of Allied Health Sciences aims at preparing individuals with a holistic approach in training through unique and innovative carrier oriented highly skill based programs.

The students who are trained in the technological aspects of medical care with a good scientific foundation will be in a position to competently assist the Physician or Surgeon With these goals. Yenepoya (deemed to be) University, under Yenepoya Faculty of Allied & Health Care Professionals started Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology in 2015 with an annual scheme of examination. The Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC) has in his letter D.O.No. F.1-1/2015(CM) dated 8th January, 2015 has communicated the decision of the Ministry of Human Resources to all universities in the country to implement CBCS semester scheme in both under graduate and post graduate programs to enhance academic standards and quality in higher education through innovation and improvements in curriculum, teaching – learning process and examination and evaluation systems. Hence, in accordance with this, to match our education system with the international educational pattern we have introduced Credit  Based Choice Based Semester system from academic year 2020- 21 onwards.



To be the Premier Allied and Healthcare Professional Institute in India where knowledgeable, skilled, competent and caring professionals are produced by integrated clinical practice, scientific education and research.



  • To build a training/learning environment to bring in academic excellence among the students and to prepare them for the global competence.
  • To provide quality education by consistently updating curriculum and to meet the present and future needs.
  • To promote scientific research to groom a faculty and students to learn evidence-based practices in the health care.

Message fromDean

An allied healthcare professional is like an unsung hero of a patient care team. However, the importance of this profession has only been realized in recent years, more so during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Delivering quality patient care without an active role of an allied healthcare professional has become almost impossible.

An allied healthcare professional is a part of the health care team, but distinct from doctors, nurses or pharmacists. They are responsible for providing a range of patient care services like curative, preventive, diagnostic, rehabilitative in diverse clinical and non- clinical environments. Technological advancements have led to a fundamental shift in health care practices and is also instrumental in further developing this profession. Therefore, a huge opportunity lies ahead for this profession.

The health-sector reform by GOI is geared up to uplift the entire allied health workforce.

The allied and healthcare professions Bill 2018 & The National Council for Allied and Healthcare Professionals, Registered under The Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Central Registration Centre, is a major step towards this.

To produce skilled allied health care professionals with a strong scientific foundation, knowledge, confidence, and values, in order, to perform and assist diagnostic and therapeutic services, we have 15 undergraduate programmes & 6 Post Graduate programmes. In alignment with international education, all the programmes are based on a choice based credit system. The curriculum & syllabus aims to enhance the academic standards and quality in higher education through innovation in teaching – learning process, examination and evaluation systems.

Students are prepared to acquire a strong set of skills and become competent professionals to meet the requirements of National & International Healthcare Standards. The training encompasses hands on learning delivered, by trained, experienced professionals using range of state of the art equipment used for patient care, diagnosis, treatment ,& rehabilitation.

The Yenepoya Allied & Healthcare Professions will continually strive to deliver academic excellence through research and innovation. In doing so, it will contribute to the overall Vision of the Yenepoya (deemed to be) University.

Dr. Sunita Saldanha
Professor and HOD(HA)
Dean, Yenepoya Allied Healthcare Professions


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